All photos on this page were taken during rides to benefit the MS Society. The photo below the videos is from the FedEx Rock-n- Roll MS-150 on 11 Sep 2011 after ascending "The Wall" on Prichard Rd in Coldwater, MS. The others were taken during the "Pedal-to-the-Point" in Ohio by photographer Kim Morris.


Click to enlarge image above that was taken at one of my favorite places..... The Abbey of Gethsemani.

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Michael Lander




Memphis Cyclist Creator

My name is Michael Lander and I created this website because of my passion for cycling. It was also part of a final project that I had in a web publishing class (during the Spring 2012 semester) at the University of Memphis. I became interested in cycling in March 2007.  Before that, I had not been on a bike for nearly 27 years.  Since I started back, (as of 9 October 2018), I have ridden approximately 36,219 miles and participated in charity fundraising events for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Wounded Warrior Project, the American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life," St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and the Al Chymia Shriners Hospital for Children. Altogether, with the generous support of others, I have raised over $25,000 for these & other causes. It has been my desire to raise money and awareness for these charitable organizations that has been the primary motivation for me to ride. 


In 2009, I started the Tennessee Air National Guard Cycling Team and I've been proud of what the team accomplished on behalf of the charitable causes that it has ridden for. In 2011, I opened a twitter account (@memphiscyclist) and later, in January 2012, I began a blog with the same name. Here is a link to it: . The main purpose of the blog is to provide articles and information on cycling in Memphis along with videos and pictures as well. My primary goal for it is to generate interest in cycling and to promote it so that others will get as much enjoyment out of it as I have while, simultaneously, raising awareness for the charitable causes that I hope to continue to support. I encourage other cyclists to do this since the rewards are great and your efforts benefit you and others. For those interested in reading my non-cycling related news stories, here is a link to my other blog (My Memphis Matters) To view some cycling-related videos that I have created & uploaded on to YouTube, click on the following links: 2011 MS-150 Wall Video, 2013 MS-150 Heartbreak Hill, & 2013 MS-150 Finish Line.


Even though my main interest in cycling has been centered on fund-raising for various charities, I have also come to appreciate the health benefits of cycling as well.  In 2007, I weighed about 195 pounds, lived a mostly sedentary lifestyle, and was doing nothing to lose weight.  After I started back into cycling, I decided to lose weight in order to make my cycling easier and so that I could also go a little faster.  Instead of spending a lot of money on an expensive lightweight bike, it seemed to make more sense for me to become lightweight, myself.  I now weigh about 155 pounds and, thanks to my cycling and eating less sugar, fast food, and processed foods, I've been able, for the most part, to keep this weight for the better part of seven years, & hopefully longer.


Please feel free to contact me via my blog, by email at, or you can message and/or follow me on twitter at @memphiscyclist. Here's also a link to my online portfolio: I am always interested in getting feedback, hearing from other cyclists, and learning more about cycling itself and the community that is a part of it.  I especially welcome any ideas or suggestions to improve this website and I really encourage others to share their thoughts with me on any cycling-related topics that I can then pass on to others. I am also continuously on the look-out for any information concerning cycling and for any news stories that might impact cyclists in Memphis and around the world. I hope to include and share anything that I come across either on this website or on my blog for the benefit of others.