If you want to see Memphis, the best way to do it is on a bike & cycling is really growing in popularity. Join a bicycle club and discover the health & other benefits of it for yourself.


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In the Memphis area, there are two bicycle clubs that are open to anyone who might be interested in joining them.  The first of these is the Memphis Hightailers:
& the other is the Hernando Bicycle Club in Hernando, Mississippi:
Both of these clubs frequently organize local area rides and primarily offer their members an opportunity to meet, ride, and network with other individuals who share the same interest in cycling.

bikeclubs6a For Memphis Hightailers Club members, they also have the added benefit of discounts at local area bike shops, accident coverage on club-sponsored rides, and members can receive newsletters, generalized training for riding, learn upkeep & maintenance of their bikes, and safety-related training as well. Their annual dues are $25 and are $40 for 2 years or that same amount for 1 year for a family.  In 2011, the Hightailers celebrated their 50th anniversary & they currently have over 1,400 registered members. Click here for the by-laws for the Memphis Hightailers.

On the Memphis Hightailer's website you will find the club calendar, bike forums, news, a library, and large collection of member's photos.  On the Hernando Bicycle Club's website you will find a calendar, news, links, information on bike lanes, and a story about Hernando being the healthiest city in Mississippi.
In addition to these traditional bicycle clubs, there is also ones like Stanky Creek Cycling & also something for those who would like to compete in triathlons, duathlons, 5k’s, 10k’s, marathons, half-marathons, mountain bike & road bike racing.  If so, Memphis Thunder Racing , (with their facebook page), or Journeymen Racing Multi-Sports, (with their facebook page), might be what you're looking for. For anyone intrigued with the idea of combining cycling with polo, they can click here for the League of Bike Polo. For others who like to race, there are also some competitive, amateur racing cycling clubs in the local area as well.  These clubs often limit their membership to the more serious & committed cyclist. 

These Memphis area clubs include:
901 Racing
Amateur Cycling Club of Memphis
cirque du vélos (CDV - French for "Circus of Bicycles")
Journeymen Racing Multi-Sports
Los Locos Triathlon Team
Memphis Thunder Racing
Memphis Velo
Mid-South Velo
Terrapin Racing Triathlon Team

bikeclubs2 While many cyclists might entertain the idea of participating in competitive cycling, most of them do not have the time nor the resources to be able to do it. Anyone looking to join an amateur racing club must be willing and able to take the time to bring their cycling up to a significantly higher and more competitive level in order to succeed in it.
To learn more about competitive cycling, you can go to: