All cyclists should take the time to familiarize themselves with local & state laws concerning cycling & try to educate others on it.

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bikelaws2aThe Law & You

As important as it is for cyclists to know where & how to ride, it is equally important for them to know the rules of the road.   For the most part, there is little, if any, difference in the driver's manuals relating to cycling for the states of Tennessee and Mississippi.  In Arkansas, there is only a brief reference to cyclists on the road in their driver's manual. Cyclists should take the time to read the manuals for the state that they live in and any others that they plan to ride in their bike in.

Road Manuals & Local State Laws

bikelaw4a In the Tennessee manual:   You will find references about bikes on pgs 70-71, 83, 111, 113-115L. In the Arkansas manual, you will only find one reference about cyclists on page 45). In the Mississippi manual, you will find references about cycling in Appendix E (pgs 78-79). This is also true of the laws for each of the three states as well.
Tennessee Laws
Arkansas Laws
Mississippi Laws
In essence, both the driver's manuals and the laws reinforce the rights and responsibilities of cyclists who share the same streets and roadways with cars, trucks, and other motorized vehicles.  While cyclists have the same rights to be on all the roads, except for the highways, they also must adhere to the same laws that those behind the wheel are expected to follow.  Because of the inherent vulnerabilities for cyclists though, motor vehicle operators are advised, in each states driver's manuals to exercise caution when cyclists are on the road with them. 
The following is a link to the Tennessee Department of Transportation's (TDOT's) Bicycle Laws and the City of Memphis ordinance, amending Chapter 21, Article V, which updates the regulations on the use & operation of bicycles. Another useful and invaluable source for motorists and cyclists is the Tennessee Traffic Laws Relating to Bicycles Handbook. For another great reference, click on the following link to learn more about the new bike laws for Memphis & Shelby County & proper etiquette on multi-use trails.

Road safety, & the of lives and welfare of cyclists, are the mutual responsibility of motor vehicle operators as well as cyclists.  Being familiar with and knowing what the driver's manuals say, & what the laws are concerning cyclists, will help to minimize the risks and the potential for accidents involving cyclists. Tennessee has enhanced protections for cyclists with its "Due Care Laws," which include penalties for traffic vioations causing serious bodily injuries or death of a cyclist. For information on the legal liability in accidents, click here.
Tennessee and other states also have laws that say that cyclists must be given 3-feet of clearance by motorized vehicles that are passing them.  A good reference for this can be found on the following Jeff Roth Cycling Foundation website: . Support Tennessee cyclists by ordering a "Share the Road" license plate. Go to the following website to learn more:

For more information on bike laws, visit It is a website dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of cyclists. In Tennessee, they have Attorney Amy Benner Johnson who is looking out for the interests of cyclists in our state and who can provide legal assistance and representation to them, if needed.