Memphis Cyclist endorses & supports all Memphis area bike shops. Support the local Memphis community by buying from Memphis area bicycle shops.

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Overton Park's bicycle arch is one of the most prominent entrances in the city and it is made of bicycles. It can be found at Sam Cooper and East Parkway North. It is a "must see for visitors to our city.


Above is some artwork on the campus of Rhodes College in Memphis.


The "I Love Memphis" mural artwork above can be found along the Memphis Shelby Farms Greenline. It is a familiar sight for cyclists, runners, & other frequent visitors to one of the most popular greenline trails in the Memphis area.


Above is a mural at the Happy Mexican Restaurant & Cantina in downtown Memphis. Below is some bike art that can be found at the Oak Court Mall in Memphis.


For those who like to ride with others, there are some group rides that leave out & finish from many Memphis area bike shops. Find out which ones & join them. It's a great way to meet other cyclists & it's one of the best ways to get & stay in shape.

Explore Bike Share has arrived in Memphis. Click on the image above to learn more about it, to connect to it, to become a member, to get the app, to get a station map, to receive bike education & to find out what's new.


There's plenty of things to love about Memphis. Get a bike & go out & find it.


Murals on the sides of buildings in Cooper-Young & Midtown Memphis.



Memphis is for cycling.... Join the movement.


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Finding the Right Bike Shop for You

There are about a dozen different bike shops in the Memphis area, most of which cater to both the needs of the beginning cyclist to the more advanced and experienced one. While there may be differences in what each bike shop sells, their pricing, or what they specialize bikeshops1ain, all of them are interested in serving the ever-growing number of cyclists in our area. Regardless of which shop that you chose, it always best to buy from a local area bike shop whenever you can. Here is a more comprehensive list of bicycle shops in Tennessee. Even though you might find some lower priced cycling-related merchandise on the Internet, the primary advantage of buying locally is that you are supporting businesses & jobs within the Memphis area & you have the convenience factor of quickly getting & easily returning something when you buy from a store nearby.  This is especially important when buying higher priced, high-end bikes. In these cases, it is always highly recommended that these be bought from a local area bike shop so that they can be properly fitted for your comfort & size. Here is a list of Memphis area bike shops that you have to chose from:

All About Bikes

The All About Bikes Bicycle Shop ( has the following location: 621 S. Mendenhall Road, Memphis, TN (Phone: 901-767-6240). Their facebook page is: They are open 10 - 6 on Monday - Friday & 10 - 5 on Saturday.


The Bikesmith ( is located at 509 N. Hollywood St. in Memphis, TN (Phone 901-871-2453) with a mobile bike retail and repair service (Phone: 901-767-6240). Their email address is: and their facebook page is: They are open 10 - 6 on Tuesday - Saturday.

Bikes Plus, Inc.

The Bikes Plus, Inc. Bicycle Shop ( has the following locations:
7124 Stage Road, Suite #115, Bartlett, TN (Phone: 901-385-8788) & 9445 Poplar Ave, Germantown, TN (Phone: 901-755-7233). They offer a free monthly Tire Changing Clinic every third Saturday at 2:00 pm. Their facebook page is: & they are @Bikesplusmem on twitter. They are open 10 - 6 on Monday - Friday, 10 - 5 on Saturday & 1 - 5 on Sunday.

Bike the Planet (formerly RB's Cyclery, Inc.)

Bike the Planet ( has the following location:
2965 N. Germantown Rd, Memphis, TN (Phone: 901-937-4669). They offer a free maintenance clinic on the first Saturday of every month. They are open 10 - 6 on Monday - Saturday.


Bike World

The Bike World Bicycle Shop ( has the following location: 3660 Houston Levee Rd, Suite 101, Collierville, TN (Phone: 901-853-5569). They offer an occasional free Bicycle Repair 101 Course. Their facebook page is: They are open 10 - 6 on Monday - Saturday.


Peddler Bicycle Shops

The Peddler Bicycle Shop ( has the following locations: 3548 Walker Ave, Memphis, TN (Phone: 901-327-4833 or 4834), 1140 Germantown Parkway, Cordova, TN (Phone: 901-758-9770, 2095 Exeter Road, Germantown, TN (Phone: 901-757-8485), 3075 E. Goodman Rd in Southaven, MS & the Peddler Electric Bike Shop, (Phone: 901-522-9757). Their facebook page is: They are open 9 - 6 on Monday - Friday, 9 - 5 on Saturday at their Walker & Goodman locations, 10 - 7 on Monday - Friday, 10 - 5 on Saturday for their Germantown store. All stores are open 1 - 5 on Sunday.


Midtown Bike Company

The Midtown Bike Company ( is located at: 517 South Main Street, Memphis, TN (Phone: (901-522-9757). Their facebook page is: & they are @MidtownBike on twitter. They are open 10 - 2:30 & 4:30 - 6 on Monday - Friday and 10 - 5 on Saturday.          


Outdoors, Inc.

Outdoors, Inc. ( has the following locations: 833 N. Germantown Pkwy, Memphis, TN (Phone: 755-2271), 5245 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN (Phone: 901-767-6790), 610 National St., Memphis (Phone: 324-2506), and 1710 Union Ave, Memphis, TN (Phone: 901-722-8988). Their facebook page is: & they are @Outdoors_Inc on twitter. They are open 10 - 6 on Monday - Sunday.

Victory Bicycle Studio

Victory Bicycle Studio ( are located at 2549 Broad Ave, Memphis, TN (Phone: 746-8466). They offer a free bike maintenance class every Wednesday at 6 pm & are currently offering a free training package for the 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge. Contact for details on the training package. Their facebook page is: & they are @VictoryMemphis on twitter. They are open 11 - 6 on Tuesday - Friday, 11 - 4 on Saturday & 1 - 4 on Sunday.


Oasis Bike Shop

The Oasis Bike Shop ( is located at 1294 North Thomas St, Memphis, TN (Phone: 577-0013). It is a non-profit, community outreach ministry that provides bikes to those in need. Their facebook page is:

Pedaltown Bicycle Company

The Pedaltown Bicycle Company ( is located at 2547 Broad Ave., Memphis, TN (Phone: 435-6789). Their facebook page is: & they are @pedaltownbicyclecompany on twitter. They are open 11 - 6 on Tuesday - Friday, 11 - 4 on Saturday & 1 - 4 on Sunday.


Revolutions Bicycle Co-op

The Revolutions Bicycle Cooperative (formerly the Revolutions Community Bicycle Shop) ( has the following location: 1000 S. Cooper Ave, Memphis, TN (First Congregational Church). It is a community outreach ministry that hosts group bike rides and offers an open maintenance and retail shop, educational programs and training, bicycle rentals, a bicycle lodge, maintenance repairs and parts, and an opportunity to purchase reasonably priced reconditioned and refurbished bikes. Their facebook page is:

Greenline Bicycle Rentals

Greenline Bicycle Rentals ( is at the corner of Farm Road & Mullins Station Road (at the entrance to the Shelby Farms Greenline) and across the the park's visitor center in Memphis, TN (Phone: 901-679-7211 or contact them via email at They are open 8 - 3 on Saturday - Sunday.



901Bikes ( is an authorized Pure Cycles dealer that provides commuter hybrids, city bikes, road bikes, and fixies for hourly rental or for purchase, cleaning services, and custom repairs, and it's Memphis' only bike concierge that can deliver bikes to a customer's home, hotel, or their next destination. For further information, (Phone: 901-874-3184) or contact them via email at Their facebook page is: and their Instragram page is:

On-line Stores:

If you want to shop from a store on-line, this is a link that should be helpful in comparing and deciding which one(s) to choose from: . Here are a few links to some on-line stores:,, Performance Bicycle, and Western Bike Works. You can also find more on eBay & on Craigslist too.