If you'd like to report any cycling-related issues or problems with bike lanes (potholes, debris, etc) or you want to request a bike lane, you can call 311 or 636-6500 or you can click on the image above to do it online.


For the latest news from the world of cycling, visit: For bike racing information, visit:
For competitive cycling news, race results & bike reviews, visit:
For news about bicycles & bicycling, including commentary & archival articles, visit:
The New York Times.

Click on the infographic above for details on the environmental, economic, & health impacts of cycling & the national bike sharing program. For additional benefits of bike use, visit BikesWelcome.

Cyclists Jeremy Staat & Wesley Barrientos were in Memphis in April 2012. Click on the image above to learn about their 100-day bike ride and Statt's Foundation that's committed to raising awareness & support for veterans & helping to educate, prevent & decrease childhood obesity through lifetime fitness activities.


For those looking for the latest happenings in the world of cycling, (to include racing results), here's a helpful link: Cycling News - The World Centre of Cycling.


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News in the World of Cycling

Every cyclist has their own reasons for why they ride.  Some do it for the pure enjoyment of it, whether it is on a city street or on a mountain bike trail.  Others ride as a means of transportation to get around while still others ride for the health benefits that they might get from doing it.  Whatever their reasons might be, and whether they have a real passion for cycling or not, every cyclist either has, or should have, an interest in any available news and information on cycling. 


Where to Go For News

There are an endless number of places to go for information related, in one way or another, to cycling, but it is always best to start off by searching for sources or websites for the specific area in which you live and plan to ride in.  For cyclists in the Memphis area, you can go to the following sites:
A quick comprehensive list of Memphis's best blogs & Media can be found at:
........ &, finally, you can search for the latest cycling news & stories at the Commercial Appeal & at the Memphis Flyer.

The Archive........

Here are some cycling-related newstories from Memphis & around the world:
Forget Room Service - Order a Bike
Health Benefits of Cycling
Bicycling is a Form of Preventive Health Care
Cycling doesn't cause sexual or urinary problems in men, survey finds
New Research on What Helps Encourage Cycling
Cycling like a Copenhagener can save lives, study shows
Tour of France Explained
Cycling Facing Long Climb to Regain Credibility
Weighing Changes to Business Side of Cycling After Doping Scandals
Cycling's World Governing Body Aims for More Future Olympic Track Events
Inspiring Cycling News Story "Take a Seat"
Minority Biking Group Raises Profile of Cycling
Month of May is National Bike Month
Walk & Bike to School Day
One-Legged Cyclist Inspires Others
100-year-old Cyclist Sets Record for 100K Ride
102-year-old Cyclist Robert Marchand Sets World Record
92-Day "Around the World" Record
Blind Cyclists Find Freedom on the Road
Paralympics Show How Cycling Fits Almost Any Impairment
The Ride of Her Life
Love Peddles Onward
Kids Raise Money for St Jude with Annual Trike-a-Thon
Cyclists Peddle to Promote Organ & Tissue Donation
Harahan Bridge (Future Greenline) Historical Tours
'Eco-park' Envisioned at West End of Harahan Bridge Project in Arkansas Floodplain
Memphis Bike & Pedestrian Coordinator Goes to Washington
Memphis Councilman Jim Strickland Says Memphis Has Too Many Bike Lane Signs
Newly Installed Bike Gate Offers 'Appropriately Grand' Entrance to Overton Park
Overton's Bike de Triomphe Sculpted from Repurposed Bikes
Building a Bike Gateway, Part VIII
The Evolution of the Bike Lane
How Bike Lanes Increase Small Business Revenue
'Year of the Bicycle' Sees Major Change in Memphis' Culture, Transportation
Native Memphian - Kristen Armstrong Wins Gold in Olympic Cycling Time Trial
Pedal Power: Teaching Physics Through Energy-Making Bicycle
Study Finds Cyclists are More Intelligent, Charitable & Cool Than the Average Person
Green Lane Project’s past, present and future
15 Best Cycling Gadgets that Bike Commuters Must Try
New Device Helps Police Enforce 3-Foot Law
Minimalist Urban Bikes Could Be in Our Future
Can bicycle-to-vehicle communication help make cycling safer?
New Rim Design With Tubeless Wheels
Hover Bikes & Laser Lights: The Sci-fi Future of Cycling
Best Cycling Technology for 2018
New Chainless Bicycles Deliver on the Promise of Fun, Worry-free Riding
Bicycle Headset Doubles as a Walkie-Talkie
Marketer Promoting Fitness with Combination Desk/Bike Device
Seven Organizations Changing the World One Bicycle at a Time
The 25 Best Companies for Cyclists
Cycling Becomes Illinois' Official State Exercise
Cycling is Made the Official State Sport in Delaware
Bicycling to Work in 'Bike Trains' Growing in Popularity in Los Angeles
Detroit velodrome expected to draw cyclists to Detroit
The Bicycle as a Symbol of China's Transformation
Bangkok's Bicycling Boom
Cycling Super Highway for Copenhagen Cyclists
Germany Gives Greenlight to Bicycle Highways
Netherland's Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Path inspired by Van Gogh
Norman Foster Promotes "Cycling Utopia" Above London's Railways
Why Bigtown Developers are Betting on Cycling in Calgary
Cycling Culture Growing in UAE
As City Cycling Grows, Chicago Weighs Bike Tax
Author Vincent Lam Speaks on Urban Cycling
Boy Mugged on Greenline Gets New Bike from Peddler Bike Shop
Teen Attacked on Memphis Greenline Talks About Incident
Second Attack on the Memphis Greenline Reported
As Bicycling Rises in Popularity, so does Theft
Stolen Bicycle Found via Twitter
What is Stopping Women from Cycling?
Cycling Community Must Adopt a Stronger Culture of Safety
Why Some Cyclists Disregard Red Lights
Group Seeks Higher Traffic Fines
Penalty for Rule-Breaking Cyclists in New York: A Remedial Class
Cyclists, Drivers Wary of Eachother as Bikes & Crashes Multiply
Why Drivers Hate Cyclists
Bicycle Injuries: Is the Right-of-Way Fight Getting Ugly?
Rage Against Your Machine
Drivers, Cyclists Square Off On Sharing the Road
Vigilante Cyclist
Cyclists Say Their Rights are Going Unrecognized
Cyclists Aren't the Only Ones Responsible for their Safety
How to Not Kill a Cyclist
Is it OK to Kill Cyclists?
Injured Cyclist Meets Her Heroes
Is Cycling as Dangerous as Football?
Increase in Bicyclist, Pedestrian Fatalities May Mean Increased Infrastructure InvestmentProtected Bike Lanes are Now Official Federal Policy
National Conference of State Legislatures Review Issue of Safely Passing Bicyclists
Bicyclists and Things That Go Bump on the Road
Helmet Lets Cyclists Speak the Language of Cars
Device that Transforms any Bicycle into a Smartphone-powered Smart Vehicle
Volvo Exploring Groundbreaking Cyclist & Pedestrian Detection Technology
Cyclists Use Cameras to Document Reckless Driving
Arrest Made in Hit & Run of Berkley Cyclists Caught on Video
Video of Cyclist Hit on Natchez Trace Parkway Goes Viral
Cameras are Cyclists' Black Boxes
Driver Harasses Cyclists as Cameras Roll
San Diego Bicyclist Hit in Road Rage Accident Speaks Out
Cyclist Killed Biking to Work Over Hernando Desoto Bridge in West Memphis
Memphis Bicyclist Killed in Midtown was First to Leave the Scene
Dickson Co. Cyclist Dies After Being Struck on Natchez Trace Parkway
Vehicle Strikes San Antonio, TX Bicyclists, Killing One
Changes Possible for Arkansas Driver Who Hit Cyclists
Massachusetts Woman Dies After Cyclist Group Hit by Car in Arkansas

cyclingnews3a For cycling information & news around the world, you can click on this link: For bicycling events across the U.S. and Canada, you can go to:
For anyone interested in learning more about competitive cycling events, you can check out the following websites.  
For the 2015 national (USA) racing calendar, you can go to:
..... And there is always ESPN's website that you can turn to for news & stories on cycling too: . Click here for the language used by cyclists.

For news, blogs, forums, gear, resources, videos, photos, & the upcoming international cycling calendar, you can go to: For breaking news, feature stories, expert analysis & opinion, & live coverage & video streaming visit: The official website for the Tour de France is:

cyclingnews1a Competitive cycling can be a lot of fun to watch especially if you have a passion for riding a bike yourself.    You can also really have an appreciation and a deep admiration for those who participate in these grueling, multiple day events.  There are many national and international competitions that you can watch and they usually take place during the summer months of June, July & August.  One of the oldest and most recognized of these events is the Tour de France, but there are others that can be just as interesting and compelling to watch if you have the time and inclination to sit down and view it. With the speeds, stamina, and strategies employed by the cyclists, you are not likely to be disappointed in watching it.